Best Spinning Reel Reviews

Spinning Reel Reviews

Spinning Reel Reviews

Throughout the years, people have embraced the hobby of fishing for one reason of another. Some look to the sport, as a hobby, while others attempt to compete professionally. Finally, there are a handful of individuals that will attempt to survive off of the land and their primary source of food will be fish! As someone, who fits into one of these categories, you should understand the importance of a good finishing rod. This is why it is absolutely vital to read the best spinning reel reviews and choosing the best rod for you. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about these items.

What Is A Spinning Reel?

Every fisherman should be well familiar with the fishing rod. It is nearly impossible to catch fish, without this item. The spinning reel is actually a part of the rod. As the name suggests, it is the spinning portion of the rod and it’ll be used to reel in your line. Your fishing line wraps around the reel and extends out, when your line is cast. It also has a handle. When the handle is cranked in the appropriate direction, the line will be retracted back in towards the rod. Suffice to say, this is likely the most integral aspect of the rod and you need to go above and beyond to make sure that you select the right spinning reel for your particular situation and budget.

Differences Between Spinning Reels, Baitcasting Reels and Spincast Reels

When taking the time to explore the market, you will be able to discover a handful of different options. You can choose between the spinning reel, baitcasting reel and the spincast reel. Although these all basically serve the same purpose, they’re unique in their own right. When attempting to make your determination, you should consider your skill level, as this will play a major role in making your final decision. Below, you will learn the differences of these items.

Baitcasting – This option is better suited for advanced anglers. It’ll provide you with a higher gear ratio and is capable of hauling power, but it is often difficult to cast. If you intend to target bigger fish, this might be your best bet. It is better geared for heavy lines and bigger lures.

Spincast – Spincast reels are much better for beginners. They’re readily available and incredibly affordable. Unfortunately, these reels aren’t the most durable in the world and they can tear up your line very easily. Still, they’re a good option for the new angler.

Spinning – Most anglers will agree that the spinning reel is the best of the best. Backlashing will be very rare with this reel. It is also much easier to cast and hitting your desired distance will be tremendously easier with this reel. The only slight downfall is that spinning reels are prone to line twists.

Top 5 Spinning Reel Comparison

BrandGear RatioLine CapacityBall BearingsWeight of ReelMax DragMaterial
Plusinno HongYing Series5.2:10.25/20012+10.5 Lbs11 Lbs- Aluminium spool
- All metal anti-corrosion body
Shimano Stradic Cl14+ 5.8:18/2406 + 10.56 Lbs20 Lbs- Aluminum spool and handle
- Reinforced Carbon Fiber
KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder5.2:145/23010+11 Lbs27.5 Lbs- Stainless steel main shaft
- Carbon fiber drag washers
Pflueger President 5.2:14/20091 Lbs6 Lbs- Graphite body and rotor
- Aluminum handle
Shimano Sienna Fd 5.1:110/2003 + 11 Lbs13 Lbs- Graphite frame, sideplate and rotor - Aluminum Spool

Top 5 Best Spinning Reel Quick Look

Plusinno HongYing Series Fishing Reel Review

 Plusinno HongYing Series Fishing Best Spinning Reel Reviews

All fishermen rely on their fishing reel to bring in catch that big bass. A poor quality reel will just not do, which is why it is important to select a reel that can get the job done without skipping a beat. The Plusinno HongYing Series fishing reel is exactly what you need in your tackle box on those days that you are heading to the lake. The most notable features of the HongYing are listed below.

  • Line capacity of HA3000 mm/M, 0.20/240, 0.25/200, and 0.30/140
  • Offers diverse fishing uses
  • Equipped with a thick coiled bail spring
  • Rotor has been computer balanced for smoothness and accuracy
  • Instant anti-reverse feature
  • Body is constructed out of high-strength malleable plastic
  • Extremely light weight design


The Plusinno is designed for all types of fishing including ocean boat and ocean rock fishing. The high-quality aluminum spool will not rust or tarnish, even after years of exposure to the elements. The gear is power driven and capable of providing a high amount of strength for those monster fish.

The HongYing fishing reel has a collapsible design for easy storage. This is much better than the traditional reel, where you have to screws/unscrew the handle, before and after each use, which can be a pain.

Fishing on windy days can be a drag for all fishermen, but not if you are equipped with the Plusinno, because it is rigged with the S-Curve Oscillation System. This will definitely improve your performance on those windy days.

Overall you will find the Plusinno HongYing fishing reel extremely durable and capable of withstanding the test of time. The thick coiled bail spring and 12 to 1 ball bearings will offer smoothness and reliability every single time.



Shimano Stradic C14+ Reel Review

Shimano Stradic C14+ Best Spinning Reel

When heading out to the lake, it is always necessary to be equipped with the best fishing gear. The fishing reel is going to play a huge part in your performance, which is why you need to add the Shimano to your fishing box. Below you will discover the most notable features of the Shimano Stradic C14.

  • Maximum drag of 7 pounds
  • Equipped with the Aero Wrap II Oscillation
  • SR 3D Gear
  • Aluminum spool will not rust or corrode
  • Dyna balance design
  • Constructed out of C14 materials
  • Clicker can easily be repaired


The Shimano is constructed out of C14 material, which is very lightweight, but extremely durable. The waterproof drag and S A-RB 6 to 1 ball bearing will offer smoothness and reliability every time.

The Stradic C14 is equipped with a maintenance port, so you can easily repair the clicker or other components with ease. This fishing reel is suitable for saltwater and fresh water fishing. The construction is corrosive-free and extremely durable, so it will offer you a long service life.

Overall the Shimano Stradic is designed to endure the test of time. Do not be turned off by the lightweight design, because it is a very powerful and fast fishing reel that will definitely improve your overall performance.


KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Fishing Reel Review



When attempting to choose an excellent spinning reel, you likely already have a preference and budget set in stone. Only one reel will be capable of satisfying both of these aspects and it could very well be the KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder. This reel is incredibly affordable, yet well made and capable of lasting for a lengthy period of time. For more functionality and improved performance, this reel is equipped with a front and rear drag function. The reel is capable of performing up to par in fresh and saltwater.This spinning reel is equipped with 10 + 1 stainless steel bearings. These help to deliver a better performance and more longevity. More specifications can be found below.

  • Front and rear drag functionality
  • 10 + 1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings
  • Powerful 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Equipped with triple disc carbon fiber drag washer
  • Up to 33LB Max Drag
  • A spare spool for great value
  • Direct drive machined aluminum interchangeable right or left hand handle

All in all, the KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder is an outstanding spinning reel. It is incredibly durable and can be used with the most aggressive of species. If you’re a fan of fishing with cut bait or live bait, this reel cannot be ignored. Be sure to check it out in more depth today!



Pflueger President Spinning Reel Reviews

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Are you looking for an affordable spinning reel that is capable of paralleling the performance of more expensive alternatives? If so, you should definitely take the time out of your schedule to check out the Plueger President Spinning Reel. Plueger is well known for their innovative products and reliability. The President Spinning Rod is no different. It is manufactured with only the best of materials and components. Below, you will be able to find a list of the reel’s most notable features and specifications.

  • 4 pounds or 100 yards
  • Utilizes 9 stainless steel ball bearings for improved longevity
  • Equipped with an instant anti-reverse function for better performance
  • Weighs less than 1 pound, which makes the item easy to use and comfortable in your hand
  • Manufactured from the highest quality of materials and components


When it comes down to it, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel might be an affordable reel, but it works just as well as some of the most expensive reels. It is very well made, lightweight and can deliver an outstanding performance for many years to come. If you’re looking for a brilliant spinning reel, which won’t break the bank, this one cannot be ignored.



Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel Review

Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel Reviews

If you are searching for a fishing reel for your son, who is a newbie fisherman, you should definitely consider the Shimano Sienna. Do not be turned off by the inexpensive price tag, because it is designed to offer smoothness and reliability. Below you will discover the most notable features of the Shimano Sienna Fd fishing reel.

  • Frame is constructed out of graphite material
  • Spool is constructed out of aluminum material
  • 3 to 1 ball bearing
  • Unique anti-reverse that uses a one-way bearing
  • Rotor is counter balanced
  • Equipped with a ported handle shank


The Shimano Sienna is suitable for right and left handed fishermen. You can switch the handle to either side to suit your needs. The 3 to 1 ball bearing design will offer a smooth throw and drag. The rotor is counter balanced, so it does not make any noise or vibrations, even after using for extended periods of time.

Sienna’ overall all construction is very durable and will not corrode, even after being exposed to the elements. Although it is an inexpensive fishing reel, it is still capable of performing like an expensive reel.



Types Of Spinning Reel

When attempting to purchase the best spinning reel, you will find that there are two different types to choose from. You can opt for a saltwater or fresh water spinning reel. Obviously, each is better suited for a particular type of terrain. Although both will perform its task perfectly, it is essential to remember that only one is going to be best for your particular situation. Therefore, you will need to make sure to select the best option for your fishing spot of choice and your budget.

Buying Guide On The Best Spinning Reel

When buying one of these items, you will need to work diligently to make sure that you choose the best one for your particular circumstances. This can be rather difficult, since there are so many variables to consider. Below, you will find a breakdown of the things to take into consideration, when making your purchase.

Reel Material – The reel material is incredibly important and will help to determine the longevity and durable of the reel. Obviously, you’ll want to choose something more durable and strong. Generally, it is best to shoot for an all-metal reel, as this will make it last long, but there are some that are manufactured from aluminums, plastics and graphite.

Types Of Fishing Line Used, Fish Expected And Size Of The Reel – It is also vital to make sure that you perfectly align your reel with the rest of your rod. Your reel should be perfectly suited for your line of choice and the specific type of species that you wish to target. Truthfully, the size and amount of line needed is key. For more aggressive species, you will want a setup with a strong drag system that will be able to withstand the fight they put up.

Gear Ratio of Reel – Gear ratio is incredibly important and will help to determine how quickly you’ll be able to retrieve your line. It is also important to choose a specific gear ratio for your targeted species. However, your style and personal preferences will be more important in this area. For faster retrieving, you should opt for a gear ratio of 5.5:1 to 6.3:1.

Ball Bearings Reel – Many anglers believe that the ball bearings are the most important aspect of all. Remember that more isn’t always better. Instead, it is all about the quality of bearings. Although more bearings will help to provide a smother retrieval, higher quality bearings will deliver a better performance overall.

Maximum Drag of Spinning ReelIn this category, you will have two options, rear or front. The rear adjustable dragon has one single advantage. They’re much easier to manipulate. Otherwise, it is generally best to choose a front adjustable drag.

The Spool – The spool needs to be well made and perfectly manufactured. When attempting to take the reel for a test spin, you should put a little bit of pressure on the spool. If it moves, you should move elsewhere. A good spool will not budget under pressure.

Other Features To Consider – Finally, there are a few others things to take into account. Remember to take the time to choose a reel that perfectly suits your primarily dominant hand. If you’re left handed, choose a reel that will feel comfortable in your grasp. You should also consider the anti-reverse capability. There are many other optional features and you will need to weigh their pros and consider, whether or not they’re necessary for your particular situation.




When it comes down to it, there are many excellent spinning reels on the market. In order to make the best decision for your particular situation, you should read the best spinning reel reviews above and compare them to your needs and desires. This will guarantee that you enjoy your time out on the water to the fullest and catch an abundance of fish.